Jeep Tires: Nitto Tires

Nitto Tires

When you are looking for great Jeep tires then you should really check out some of the Jeep tires brought to you by the minds at Nitto.  They have been in the tire business since 1949 and have gotten better each year since then.  Their tread patterns, tire size and compounds combine technology that is cutting edge with modern aesthetics.  Let’s have a peek at a few examples.

Trail Grappler M/T

These tires have two different side wall designs.  This allows you the option of which side you want to face the street.  With this tire you get the highway comfort of the Terra Grappler that is fused with the off road performance of the Mud Grappler.  That means that while the tire is quiet it is also aggressive...

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What Makes Jeep Tee Apparel Hot

jeep t shirt

When a commodity is selling like a hot potato, you have to ask the question; what makes this product so in-demand? First, almost everyone loves to drive a Jeep. If you’re a Jeep owner then  you would want to wear a t shirt that would show off your enthusiasms. There’s no better way to express your love for your Jeep than to wear an apparel with one in it.

When it comes to Jeep t-shirt apparel, their different designs for both men and women, including designs for kids are being highly demanded in the apparel market. Whether it’s online or through boutique shops in your regular mall, one thing is for sure, Jeep tees are in high in demand. Here are some of the reasons why Jeep tees are very hot in the market.

The Design
The very first thing that a buyer will look at when buying a t-shirt ...

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KC HiLites vs. Hella Lights

kc hilites

This is an article that will basically tell you a little bit about the two brands and some information on what they offer.  Ultimately, you will be the judge as to which one you prefer, but at least by the time you finish reading this you may be a little more educated about both of the brands then you were before you read it.

KC HiLites


Whether you know it or not, KC has been in business since 1970.  That’s longer than I have been alive!  They began with auxiliary lighting as their specialty and it still is today.  They have made quite a name for themselves and their lights can be spotted on all types of vehicles.



KC HiLites makes a wide range of not just auxiliary lights for vehicles but flashlights as well...

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Dress Your Jeep to Reflect Your Personality

jeep spare tire

Creating an image for your Jeep is natural.  This is the very reason why owners resort to various methods to “dress up” their vehicle.  Getting spare tire covers for your Jeep is one of these techniques, as these can provide an exclusive style that will readily identify its owner.  However, you need to know the factors to consider when getting the appropriate tire cover.

  • Jeep tire covers come in a variety of styles ranging from the very basic and simple to the more stylish designs featuring enticing colors.  Materials are also varied – polyester, vinyl, flexible elastic or the resilient and durable plastic-type that can be fitted to the shape and measurement of your Jeep.  If you want a custom-built tire cover, choose an excellent material like leather, vinyl, denim or polyester...
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Cool Jeep Seats

yellow jeep seatsSo you’re Jeep’s engine requires a tune up, you go to the local automobiles shop and get the appropriate parts for it. The body needs a bit tweaking up, you visit the dent-specialist to get the job done. The Jeep seats don’t look as good as they used to, where would you go?

In automobile markets around the world, special attention is paid to the parts that are used the most. Engine parts and accessories are sold the most, just because they are used quite a lot of time. On the other hand, Jeep seats aren’t really something that pulls all the attention. Durable to the max, these seats very rarely require replacement or even fixing up. This implies that Jeep seats, or even covers aren’t something common in any automobile parts market around the world...

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Super Swamper Tires for Trucks

super swamper tires on truckJust like other vehicles, trucks too need super swamper tires. There are various super swamper tires that truck owners can buy for their vehicles depending on the uses to which they put their trucks. For people who have off road trucks, there are tires such as Bogger TSL super swamper tires, TSL/SX super swamper tires, LTB mud terrain super swamper tires and IROK bias mud terrain super swamper tires which truck owners can buy.

For truck owners who want to have a blend of off road and street tires, there are tires such as TSL radial super swamper tires which are suitable for these truck owners.

Most off road tires require some modifications to be made to a truck...

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Tips in Choosing Industrial Winches

industrial winch

Machines have been part of the basic operations of industries. Industries relies so much on the performance of machines that installing them and maintaining them constitutes a large part of their operational cost. For large industries, the industrial winches can be one useful piece of hardware. Although it only plays a major part on the machine blueprint of an industry, nevertheless it still has substantial functions to perform.

Industrial winches are tools used by big establishments and off-road enthusiasts to pull out heavy items out of tight spots. Different industrial vary as to weight and pulling capacity. Minor industrial winches can only pull up to 2,500lbs; other industrial winches can pull up to 3, 6,000lbs; the heavy duty industrial winch can pull heavy objects weighing...

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Best Lift Kits: Rubicon Express, Pro Comp, Skyjacker, Superlift

jeep lift kits

Those who drive 4x4s, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles know the importance of a high-quality lift kit. After all, lift kits provide you with the extra clearance you need for true off-road fun, they look tough, and they’re relatively easy to install as an aftermarket part. If you’re looking for some of the best lift kits and lift kit manufacturers on the market today, look no further. We’ve summarized them in this quick guide, so you can learn a bit about what each has to offer.

Rubicon Express

Rubicon has become an industry standard in off-road lift kits. These easy-to-install kits can provide nearly 3” of additional clearance, making it easier than ever to get over boulders, rocks, and the toughest terrain around...

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Crown Automotive

Starting as a small company in 1963 in Boston, Crown Automotive has now shaped to be the leading and premiere manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts and accessories for Liberty, Jeep CJ, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Commanders and many more 4×4’s. Opening up warehouses in Spain, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada and Czech Republic, Crown Automotive is the leading company in making replacement parts and products for brakes, clutch, engine, body, exhaust, transmission, axle, suspensions and many more as 8000 different parts.


Crown even produces parts for discontinued models and Jeeps as old as 1942! The company is strict in quality control, and every product is vigorously tested several times before mass production and putting it on the market. You can find over 70 years old Jeep model parts and these parts comes with a limited warranty period of 12 months or 12,000 miles which shows the confidence Crown has with their products, this gives confidence in the customers as well. Crown Automotive sells a full line of kits and accessories, and they develop the products from time to time which make the Jeep lovers happy.

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Which Running Board Works Best for You

When you are going down the road you see vehicle with some sort of bars along the bottom of the sides of vehicles all the time.  These are running boards.  There are many different styles and types of running boards and they are known by quite a few different names.  We will spend a few minutes today talking about running boards in general and then a few of the different names that they go by.

Running Boards

Running boards are always a great accessory to add to your truck or SUV.  They are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.  Depending on the type of running boards that you get you can add a touch of elegance to your ride or you can add even more ruggedness to your rig.  It’s all up to you.

The purpose of running boards are to add a step for you to utilize when you are ge...

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